m_swetlow (m_swetlow) wrote,

Эти щеночки развеселят любого)

When this smiler just wanted to brighten up your day.

When this tiny cutie was willing to share the bed with his teddy.

When this Bernese puppy was willing to make himself into a scarf because his human was chilly.

When this fluffy guy made sure none of the leaves flew away from the pile.

And when this girl didn't mind being a blanket for her little brother.

When this clever pooch picked up the extra slack at work.

When this Frenchie was the best co-pilot in all the land.

When this little wrinkle demonstrated how to properly perch like a loaf of bread.

When this cheeky little buddy taught the world how to properly execute puppy-dog eyes.

And when this friendly cutie picked a special pinecone just for you.

When this brave soul was willing to jump into the muddy bushes to retrieve the ball for his human.

And when this lil' guy reminded everyone that it's OK to sleep in every once in a while.

When Topanga the Berner demonstrated that patience is a virtue.

And when this lil' dude made his mom's day by cuddling up to her.

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